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  • Predicates in Lambda Expression for Entity Framework Code First

    Posted on July 24th, 2013 Sean 1 comment

         If I have 2 entities of “People” and “Car”, and “1” People can have “Many” Car, my code first class could be like below:

         Let’s say, if we want to find the person who name is “Sean”, and has a car of maker “GMC” by using lambda Predicates, we probably need to do like below:

         What if I want to compose above 2 lambda to 1? Unfortunately there is no easy way to simply join multiple lambda by whatever “AND” or “OR”, specially if navigation properties involved like the example above.
         From Colin Meek’s Blog, we can manually write a general utility method to compose lambda expressions

         By using this utility, we can write our code simply like below

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    1 Comment on "Predicates in Lambda Expression for Entity Framework Code First"


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