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  • Install Old HP Printer Driver on Windows 7

    Posted on July 3rd, 2015 Sean Add comments

    For many old laser printers specially HPs, there is no dedicated driver for Windows 7. From HP website, I only could find the universal driver which I don’t like. Actually there are alternate print drivers we can use from Windows update, here is how:

    1. Go to “Control Panel”, choose “Devices and Printers”, and click “Add Printer”
    2. Choose “Add a local printer”
    3. Under “Use an existing port” drop down list, select the old printer (I am using a networking shared printer HP LaserJet 1200)
    4. In the page “Install the printer driver”, if you couldn’t find the driver for the old printer, click “Windows Update”
    5. Then you may need to wait for Windows to download the drivers
    6. After the update is done, find the driver for the old print
    7. Follow the steps to finish the wizard
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