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  • Embed own video player to website

    Posted on March 18th, 2010 Sean Add comments

         Sometimes I hate to embed Youtube to my website, cause somehow it seems like my friends in china can’t watch them. What I need just embed our own video player into the website:

    1. first, need a free player. There are many streaming player such jwplayer, flowplayer, etc. I prefer flowplayer, cause it’s simple. (download from here)
    2. Unzip, put all files into web server and choose an easily remembered place as you will place a path to these files later in your web pages.
      • To include file flowplayer-3.1.4.min.js in the web page you place the following tag in the HEAD section of your web page:
      • To place the link to your video file in the web page, the simplest way is to use the following A tag on your web page. The video will automatically play there:
      • Finally, to load the player on the A tag just described, you place the following script in your page, following the A tag:
      • Also, I really hate autoplay the video when loading pages. So we can modify the configuration:
    3. So a complete functional web page that plays videos with Flowplayer is:
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