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  • How to add Google adsense for search into the website

    Posted on May 29th, 2010 Sean 2 comments
    • 1. Go to Google Adsense and sign into your account (if you don’t have it, need a google account to create one)
    • 2. Click the “AdSense Setup” tab
    • 3. Select AdSense for search as the product
    • 4. Select your search type — for now, choose “Only sites I select”, later will modify the code allow user to choose what type of search they do
      (Click pics for bigger view)

    • 5. Enter the site you specify to search across
    • 6. Design your search box by choosing Google Logo placement, background color, and text box size.
    • 7. Choose your search results page, Ad location and style — for me, I choose “Open results within my own site”, and for the field of “Enter URL where search results will be displayed” enter “” (a subdomain I wanna keep my search engine with)

    • 8. Enter a name for search engine and click “Submit and Get Code”
    • 9. You will get two code for “Search Box Code” and “Search Results Code”, paste the “Search Box Code” into the page where you’d like your search box to appear, paste “Search Box Code” and “Search Results Code” into the page where you would like your search results to appear.

    • 10. Modify the “Search Box Code” in the search results page like below, allow user to choose only search within the specify website, or entire web
      • The original code:
      • The modified code:

         Check out how it looks like Sean’s Search

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  • CSS中的id与class小感

    Posted on October 14th, 2008 Sean Add comments



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